Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday - F1 eve...

It's getting late after such an early start to our day (3:30am) and given the days excitement, BigOP and I are tired to say the least.
Notably, I'm left in our apartment writing this short post, whilst BigOP is catching up with his mate Mark... Would love to promse that he'll post a tell all blog later this evening, but if I'm not mistaken from past years, a lot of what is said is under "chapham house rules".
From an on track perspective, unlike the rain, things were pretty light - the only Formula 1 to take the track was an old 2008 McLaren in what has been described as the "Ultimate Speed Comparison", but hey the sight and sound of an F1, is still an F1.
The crowd you might think looks a little light, but that is more reflective of the weather and the little ontrack activity. For example, we spent most of our time out of our seats, choosing to instead spend most of the time watching the action from the sheltered balcony bar, surveying portions of the track, and of course making the most of our opportunity to wander the pits. An opportunity not to pass up.
The level of access was incredibly suprising, and unlike any other pitwalk of which we've been a part of as a "member of the public"; amongst other things, having to move out of the way so that cars could head into and out of scrutineering, having drivers within a few metres sitting in their vehicles providing feedback to their engineers, and seeing the cars stripped naked to their skeletons was simply beautiful.

The atmosphere was not dampened by the weather either (pun intended). The day was just simply wet, though thankfully not cold. If others are like me, Id much rather it being horrendously wet today and tomorrow morning, than qualifying Saturday and raceday Sunday.
The people were great, though given the weather, it did make it difficult to talk to many.

More tomorrow hopefully, if we get a chance, but for those interested, my Boys and I won the Top Gear Challenge, having left at precisely the same time we made it to Melbourne a good hour in front. Toyota beat Holden!
Until next time...

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