Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Splash & Dash - RB7 Bullish on Front Wing Flex

My prediction for tomorrow's news after seeing a photo of the RB7 turning right through a corner at Catalunya is on flexible front wings (  The photo seems to indicate a distinct flex in the front wing, however the RB7 is heavily loaded to the left of the car and the RB7 front wing also has a little step down on each side of the central section that may make it appear to be flexing.

The current flex tests apply force from underneath the wings, not on top and therefore the test imposes different forces to those actually experienced by the front wing.  Expect the FIA to change their testing procedures to include downward force on the wing, and possibly extending the test further out from the centre.  A further variable is the weight that is used and this could be increased from the 200kg of the current tests.

It is possible that the front suspension of the Red Bulls over the last couple of years have been supple enough to compress under heavy aero and cornering load.  This is in stark contrast to the McLarens of the last couple of years that seemed so stiffly sprung that it appeared to rely solely on the tyres for damping.

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