Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Pre-race instalation laps and systems checks... a preview

Things are (sort of) packed and last minute deadlines (almost) met, and this time tomorrow there will have been instalation laps completed and systems checked...

* * *

Ok, some of you thought I meant the F1's and I'm a day early. Pffft, that's not what I meant at all. I meant the all important (and not to be underestimated):
  • seat comfortability and local bar checks;
  • closest "convenience" facilities check (based on track position);
  • ideal camera focal/light settings checks and adjustments; and
  • "safe" and "unsafe" fellow grandstand weirdo determination checks (if you know what I mean) etc etc.
On this latter category, for those attending their first Melbourne GP - anyone attending for the V8 Supercars and not the F1 ought to be avoided. They can be identified usually by either Holden or Ford t-shirt/flag. Further, not all V8 shirt wearing supporters have beards, belly's and tats (not even the men), so don't assume that because they "look ok" that they're otherwise "safe". Best to be overcautious for fear of getting hit in the back of the head with UDL can (which will have been inappropriately smuggled inside the track inside said supporter's rats-tail toddler's baby bag). My apologies, I'm stereotyping... (a little).

Anyway, so much to do right now so will end, but on a serious note and to change the topic, as part of the BigOrangeF1 crew, in the days ahead I hope to bring you a "supporters" insight into the event - less tech more atmosphere will be my focus. I'll leave BigOP to the technical.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Melbourne, and if I see/meet you and fail to recognise you, I apologise.


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  1. Ok, before the barage of comments regarding such stereotyping, please note that my comments are caveated by my having just experienced a week of Adelaide Clipsal, and are of course toungue-in-check.
    And finally, for the record - the "Top Gear" style challenge mentioned in previous post will have my driving a Toyota and BigOP a Ford - which he says "is bigger and faster" than the alternate Holden that he was considering on driving...