Sunday, 20 March 2011

One week from now... a parents preparation

One week from now, we will know the winner of the first race of the 2011 Formula One season. There will be celebrations for some, and no doubt debate for others as to who was at fault for one or more incidents throughout the race that had a negative impact on the race of certain drivers. No, I'm not talking amongst the teams or the accredited media, but rather the supporters leaving the track. With ringing ears, some sore heads and tired bodies, one week from now (with the exception of those more interested in cheap post race musical entertainment), the 80,000 plus supporters will be leaving Albert Park all relieved for the start of another years racing.
This year, not only will BigOrangePaul and I be amongst this throng, but with us we will be joined by two young F1 fans who will have just experienced their first live Formula 1 race ever and I have no doubt, will be higher on adreniline from such experience, than Charlie Sheen on coke and porn stars.
This year, we will be joined by my two eldest children; aged 11 and 7, each already indoctrinated and familiar with teams, drivers, rules and competing strategies :o)
Needless to say, this weeks preparation is just that little bit different for me. Rather than just worry about myself and pack 5 minutes before the taxi to the airport beeps its horn for that early morning flight, I am having to be a bit more fatherly and give greater thought to preparation - especially as this year we've decided to make a roadtrip of our experience. Though to be honest, my 7 year old has himself already backed his bags (having packed them six weeks ago - no joke) as well as having volunteered to pack mine - he tells me, "all you need to worry about are our passes". My 11 year old too seems happy to wear the same clothes for a week if given a choice, so I should be fine provided I remember to just bring spare jocks and socks for him. Its a Boys roadtrip afterall.
In all seriousness, I have given some thought to preparation and, amongst other things, the car has been serviced mechanically and had new boots put on - there's a (safe) Top Gear style challenge to Melbourne involved after all, with BigOrangePaul and his brother leaving Sydney the same time as ourselves from Adelaide.
It really is going to be a good week, and I am thankful that we are doing it in style in terms of and accomodation, for as a parent it takes a lot of the stress away.

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